Welcome at Agriturismo Fasano

The farm Fasano is located in Puglia, in the territory of Cassano Murge, in the province of Bari. It is distant from Bari only 30 km and can be reached in 20-30 minutes; It is located a few kilometers from Santeramo in Colle, Altamura and Matera. (For more information see Contacts).

The company, mainly agricultural and surrounded by dozens of hectares of oak woods and farmland with wheat and vegetables, it is managed exclusively by Sig.Caponio and family for three generations, who directly take care of the cultivation of all the typical products, farms and all the services that the structure offre.Il tourist complex consists of a hotel, with modern rooms, functional and equipped with all comforts, a typical restaurant, where you can taste the Mediterranean specialties of the area and self-produced organic products, a swimming pool deck with hot tub and minivasca fitness, horse riding, the area devoted to animals and large green spaces where you can breathe the pure air of the Murgia.

The company is structured for the accommodation of persons with disabilities as barrier free.

The farm is located in a strategic position and allows you to quickly reach several important places in terms of tourism (for more information see Nearby).

The kitchen is the undisputed realm of our cook, renowned for his skill in preparing dishes fruit of experience and secrets passed down from generation to generation. Tastes endangered living, fortunately for us, thanks to the wise and careful preparation of those who did the cooking real art as the best country tradition

Our dishes, all very tasty, are the sum of a gastronomical heritage rich in history and tradition; stand out the lamb, dairy products and cheeses, sausages - including the fillet, capocollo and bacon - as well as a wide availability of fruit, vegetables, vegetables and self-produced vegetables in organic farming. All it accompanied by an excellent wine Merlot of our lands.

Tourist Menu - (including cover and service) First, second of meat, vegetables, fruit, drinks, coffee.

Complete Menu - (including cover and service) mixed starters, two first + appetizer, a meat, side dish with cheese, fruit, dessert, drinks, coffee and bitter.

For those staying in a farmhouse breakfast is included in the room rate.